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Simple, But Professional Flyers!

Flyers Include FREE Shipping + Custom Flyer Design!

Blue Collar Marketing provides simple, but professional flyer design and printing services. Flyers are an easy and profitable way of marketing that has been proven to work over and over again. Flyers are extremely affordable and and a great way to obtain new customers. We excel at making a flyer that stands out, but also displays all the necessary information for a potential customer to contact you.
To view our prices on flyers or to contact a representative, please click the button below or give us a call.

How Does it Work?

Review the following steps below and see how simple it is to order flyers.

1. Request to Place an Order

Once you request to place an order, a representative will contact you to make sure we send you exactly what you want.

2. Pay Invoice

Once we’ve confirmed that your order is exactly what you want, a representative will send you an invoice for you to complete your purchase.

3. Product Shipped

Once the invoice is paid, we will ship your order directly to your location of choice. For more information, please contact a representative.

Customer Reviews

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