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Google AdWords Campaigns optimized to generate leads and increase sales!

Blue Collar Marketing provides exceptional Google AdWords Management services designed to generate leads and increase sales. All of our Google AdWords Campaigns are tailored to each of our clients’ business industry and their needs. Our management service covers everything from beginning to end, from keyword research to campaign management and everything in-between.
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How Can Google AdWords Generate You Leads?

We have to get the right people to your website!

A Google AdWords campaign generates you leads by sending people to your website who are interested in your services, who will then select from one of your contact methods shown on your website to get in touch with you, generating a lead. This is done by strategically designing and using the right campaign type, using beneficial keywords, and choosing a competitive budget.

How Does It Work?

The whole process for Google AdWords Management can be explained in three easy steps.

1. Keyword Research & Budget

Keyword research is crucial before starting an Google AdWords campaign. We must find the keywords that are actually being searched and generating leads, along with determining a price to be competitive in the market.

2. Campaign Setup & Ad Copy

Once the keyword research has been completed and a budget has been agreed upon, we will setup the Google AdWords Campaign and also create all of the copy/text for the various ad groups.

3. Manage & Improve

Once the Google AdWords campaign has started, we will need to manage it and search for ways to improve the campaign. For example, manually bring down the price for cost-per-click to avoid overcharging.

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