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Blue Collar Marketing provides high lead converting Facebook Ad Campaign Management services designed to generate leads and increase sales. All of our Facebook Ad Campaigns are tailored to each clients businesses industry and their needs. Our management service covers everything from beginning to end, from ad graphic design to campaign management.

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Facebook Ad Campaign

How Can a Facebook Campaign Generate You Leads?

See the results of an extremely affordable, but strategically planned campaign below.

A Facebook Ad Campaign can generate you leads by setting up the best converting campaign and placing the right ads, in-front of the right people. There are various ways to capture leads through a Facebook Ad Campaign, but we will discuss the best option for you and your business.

How Does It Work?

The whole process for Facebook Ad Campaign Management can be explained in three easy steps.

1. Ad Design & Copy

Once the budget is agreed upon, we need to create an ad and copy that is simple, but catches their attention. We’re looking to capture leads, not just have a pretty picture.

2. Campaign Setup & Budget

Setting up the Facebook Ad Campaign is the first initial step in order to determine the budget based on the various variables applied to the campaign.

3. Manage & Improve

Once the Facebook Ad Campaign has started, we will need to manage it and search for ways to improve the campaign to generate more leads.

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